Value of early servicing

Be prepared for the growing season and get your grass cutting machines serviced early. 
In order to maximise the efficiency and longevity of your machines, regular checks and servicing are invaluable. As with all mechanical machines, grass cutting equipment is exposed to a lot of physical stress which if not kept in check can result in failure of your machines to perform and decreased lifespan.
Here are some simple reasons why it is beneficial to get your machines serviced early in the year:

1. Longevity and efficiency of machines.

A lot of the machines we have in are worth hundreds and often thousands of pounds. For domestic customers, this equipment provides them with the beautiful gardens they enjoy their gin & tonics with friends or play football with the grandkids. For contractors, this equipment is the backbone to what they do so looking after it, getting the best out of it and prolonging its working life is vital.  Regular servicing is the best way to maximise the longevity and efficiency of your machines.

2. Identification of issues before they cause problems.

Our trained mechanics are able to identify potential issues before they progress and result in costly repairs and your machine stops working. For contractors, down time without their equipment can prove very costly and have a significant effect on their business. Getting your grass cutting equipment serviced at regular intervals means potential issues can be quickly ironed out so you are kept cutting also helping to prevent breakdowns in the middle of the cutting season.

3. Beat the queues.

By getting your machine serviced out of season means you are not caught out when our workshop is overflowing with repairs. In peak season waiting times can be significantly increased, simply due to volume of machines coming in. By forward planning you not only make it easier on yourself, but you make it easier on us. We are good but we’re not superheroes.

4. Being ready for the cutting season.

With the varied weather we are getting in the UK the grass is starting to grow already. We haven’t had the harsh cold weather that keeps the grass dormant. Before you know it the grass will spring into action and you will have a jungle in your garden. Is your mower ready?

We offer a collection and delivery service so drop in or give us a call and get booked in.