Installation of Robotic Mower Stiga AutoClip M7

Client requirements

Our client loved the technology of the Stiga robotic mowers and wanted to be able to get more free time to enjoy their garden without the need of spending hours on maintenance.

Service to client

Here at Country Services we pride ourselves on providing equipment that is right for the customer.  This means identifying the individual customers’ needs, what they want from their machines and the space that they have to work with.

Our customer wanted to enjoy their garden, while the robot did all of the work.  We carried out an initial site visit to discuss the customer’s requirements and measure the area involved.  This allowed us to select the correct robot model for the job.

The customer had chosen to have the wire laid on top of the grass as opposed to having it laid underneath the soil.  This worked very well, and the grass will intertwine with the wire and completely cover it within a few months.

The wires are tracked around the perimeter of the cutting area.  The machine will go up to the cutting perimeter and slightly over to ensure cutting coverage.  Areas which have large trees or obstacles can either be left and the machines sensors will detect and change direction or the wire can be laid to create extra perimeters and the machine will not cross over the perimeter.

The robot charging station was hidden amongst the garden foliage so you cannot see that it is there.

Some areas of the garden were challenging as there are some mature trees with roots which emerge through the grass.  This would prove problematic if the robot went over them and could result in significant damage to the machine.  This issue was solved by running the communication cable around the roots so that the robot went up to the roots but not over them avoiding damage.

The installation of the robot went very smoothly, and the customer was very pleased with the outcome.

The machine was programmed to cut on set days at specific times which suited the customers usage of their garden.  This model of robot allows this to be controlled using a smart app via the customer’s phone.  This allows usage to be changed according to the growing season and the individual’s garden usage needs.

We carried out a number of follow up visits to tweak the settings and programmes to ensure the machine was providing full coverage and that the customer was satisfied with the product and the way that is was cutting.

Customer follow up is very important to us at Country Services, ensuring the customer is happy with their purchase and are confident with operating and usage.