Gilvar Lining Limited

Client requirements

Gilvar Lining LTD provide road and car park markings across the UK. Country Services provide Gilvar Lining with reliable and cost-effective servicing, maintenance and repair services throughout the year, servicing and repairing machinery and equipment to ensure it is functioning effectively and that down time from jobs is kept at the absolute minimum.

The equipment they use is imperative to the services they provide so having well maintained equipment is essential.

Service to client

We provide responsive servicing, maintenance and emergency breakdown coverage for all of Gilvar Linings equipment.  This includes paint trolleys, scabblers, lances, paint trailers. Equipment often requires modification to make it suitable for the tasks in which they are used; this is all carried out in house by Country Services.

We work with Gilvar Lining to ensure their equipment is serviced at regular intervals.  Servicing is scheduled and carried out under strict deadlines to ensure they are back on the road with as little disruption as possible.  This preventive maintenance also helps ensure minimal emergency breakdowns and that equipment and machinery is working effectively.

When urgent repair or breakdowns are encountered, we are only a phone call away.  Their guys either drop the equipment with us or we carry out site visits to get them back up and running as quickly as possible, limiting job disruption.

Our trained and experienced staff offer practical solutions to mechanical issues and our custom build workshop allows for larger items of equipment such as trailers or paint lorries to be accommodated.

Over the years we have been working together we have built up great relationships with Gilvar Lining.  Gilvar can always rely on us to look after their machinery ensuring they can deliver their services with the knowledge that their machinery and equipment is well looked after.

One example of many jobs we have carried out for Gilvar Lining is a weld repair on their tool oven.

The tool oven or fire box forms part of the white lining trailer. The purpose of the tool oven is to keep the tools warm, ready for working with the lining materials during the marking process. The box was permanently fitted to the lorry, making any repairs and maintenance to the boilers difficult.

The front and rear welds of the oven were taken off to remove the item from the trailer.

The oven was very corroded and in need of some TLC. All of the paint that had accumulated was removed. The metal underneath was found to be split and corroded.

Welds have now been applied to just the front of the oven and bolts added to the rear – this allows the tool oven to be removed easily when access to the boilers is required.

Client testimonial

“We have been using Country Services Ltd since 2006, they service our onsite working equipment, with daily fixes along the way as needed.  They have always offered a fast and reliable service, always at the end of the phone and available in emergencies, which in our case is a huge bonus and lets us run our business smoothly.

We would highly recommend Country Services; no problem has ever been to big or small for them.”

Emma O’Brien
Director, Gilvar Lining LTD

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